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shutterstock_397897789 March 7, 2018 Datsun GO – Your Travel Buddy

Are you going on a road trip? If so, you'll only need two things: Holiday spirit and your Datsun GO.…

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shutterstock_532862878 February 28, 2018 The Fuel-Efficient Kia Picanto VS the Datsun GO

As fuel prices soar through the roof, fuel efficiency continues to become a priority for car buyers. One vehicle that…

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shutterstock_735415099 February 21, 2018 Why a Datsun GO Lux is an excellent choice!

The Datsun GO Lux is a perfect entry-level car, ideal for students and young adults staring into their bright futures.…

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shutterstock_693639604 February 14, 2018 Datsun GO Safety Tips

The Easter holidays are almost upon us, which means the roads are getting busier. It’s common knowledge that the roads…

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shutterstock_398339539 February 7, 2018 Need A Reason to Buy a Datsun?

There’s a reason everyone talks about your twenties like they’re the best years of your life. It’s because it couldn’t…

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shutterstock_524694319 January 31, 2018 Datsun Go lux features

The Datsun Go Lux offers a range of features specifically designed for those on-the-go. After rent, food, entertainment and those…

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shutterstock_670636492 October 16, 2017 Remember your Heritage

Do you remember the day you bought your first 1400 Datsun bakkie? Hesitant at first, you approached her with caution.…

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shutterstock_670636582 October 2, 2017 The good old days with Datsun

Do you remember the times of watching soccer games bright and early on a Saturday morning, and that feeling you…

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shutterstock_306685817 June 29, 2017 Glory Days and Going Places with the All New Datsun Go

For many South Africans, the word Datsun conjures up fond memories of the first car they ever owned, the first…

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models-banner1 April 25, 2017 Owning a Datsun Go Couldn’t be Easier

The tried and tested Datsun brand can be traced back to the earliest days of Japanese car building. As the…

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